Our female ancestors were alive in times when self care was often unheard of, unrecognised and would have been likely perceived as unnecessary, self indulgent, self obsessed, selfish. She didn’t give or get much time to her own needs. She possibly didn’t even acknowledge that she had her own needs. She put her family first, just as her mother had done before her, and her mother before that..

We have been lead to believe that that’s our role as women, and as mothers, for so many years that it’s no wonder that at the back of our minds we often say or think those same words to ourselves… it’s selfish to care for ourselves or put a priority on our own needs.  And, if we do, we often feel guilty for doing so.

We know that these patterns and beliefs are old, old ancestral baggage that no longer serve us and won’t serve our children.  We e need to clear them to be able to step out and move forward in our role as women, mothers, wives, daughters….

We are being pushed forward to take back our feminine power, to share our feminine wisdom, for women to join together collectively.

It’s time now for us to repair outdated patriarchal beliefs and the limiting restrictions that we see in our society around the feminine.

It’s time for us to heal our family line so that our children can do their work for humanity.

It’s time for us to rebalance the dominant masculine energy with the rising feminine energy, to bring two parts together as One.  It’s like we are remembering who we once were.

Imagine how life might have been for a female a few hundred years ago; for a woman in the 1800’s and even into the 1900’s, for example, it’s highly likely that she would have been expected to have married and birthed children, and her role would be to raise the children, keep her home, do the chores, be sub-serviant to her husband, go to church on Sunday and fit into the expectation of the standards of a good wife and mother. If she did work it was mostly a low paid, high labour job. She was very much under the control of her father and then her husband. She had lots of obligations and not many choices. She wouldn’t have thought much about herself, her own self care or her own needs.. most often always putting others first…

We know that it’s not just the physical traits but also the behavioural experiences that get passed down.  So what happened with the life grandmother lead was that the way she was raised, the beliefs she had, the way she thought about herself – got locked into her DNA and is being passed down the family bloodline

Our awakened children are being born. these star children have light codes and 3 or more strands of DNA already activated at birth.. and they are here to awaken humanity and heal the planet. We know that they are too sensitive to be carrying the limiting patterns and beliefs that are still being held within their DNA and this is why it’s so important that we do this ancestral clearing work on behalf of them now.

Because our children are being born so sensitive, it’s so important for us to break the cycle of limiting beliefs around self care for ourselves.

We need to model ourselves as empowered, decisive, connected and spiritual beings, understanding the needs of our children as they move through life. They are choosing us as their mothers for a reason, let’s not forget that, because they are ready to break down the patterns of traditional thinking and change archaic systems of thought on the old energy grid.

Self care, as we know, often relates to self worth, It’s time for us to release these outdated patterns that are held within our ancestral DNA so that we can step up to be the mothers that our children need us to be.

Our children need our guidance and support, we don’t want them taking on any dysfunctional patterns that we have, especially those related to low self worth or non acceptance of self. We don’t want another generation within our family bloodline still carrying the traits, behaviours, emotions of our ancestors that no longer serve them, and no longer serve us.

So it’s super important for us to access where any limiting patterns around our self care or self worth are coming from, and go back to our ancestors to clear and free what was originally created by them.

In an ancestral clearing session we are identifying the ancestor who first created a particular pattern.  When we look for self care patterns it’s most likely a woman on your mother’s side of the bloodline. So we take you back to meet your ancestor and you hold the space to heal on behalf of her, as I’m holding the space for both of you. You step up to play the role of The Gatekeeper for your family bloodline; the one person who will break the cycle and give yourself permission to love yourself so that you and your children and your children’s children can create new realities, anchor in new positive empowering patterns into your family bloodline.

© Wendy Tullis 2018
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