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Whether it’s a difficult relationship, or one that you just can’t figure
out.. our connection with our mum is so deep and primal and most of us want it to be the best it can be.

Most of us don’t openly acknowledge the impact this relationship can have on us; we don’t disrespect our mums by talking about it, yet many women want to improve the relationship but don’t know how.

Healing this relationship isn’t about blame or shame in any way, it’s simply to clear what’s not energetically aligned for you so that you can shift the way you feel.

Healing this relationship goes deep into what makes you who you are;  drawing out the limiting beliefs that have been impressed on your mind during childhood; clearing negative generational patterns that can now stop with you; releasing parts of you that desperately needed mum’s love and approval but never received it; letting go of behaviours and habits that we subconsciously learnt and now need to be free from; freeing us from feelings of never feeling connected to her and not being worthy or good enough for her love.

Here’s what happens during the healing  process.  The relationship doesn’t change, mum doesn’t change, but the way you FEEL about the relationship changes.

And when you feel differently you suddenly realise that you’re not craving her love and attention, you’re not being triggered by her any more, you don’t need her approval any longer.  All feelings of sadness, anger, frustration and resentment are gone.

And with that comes freedom. The freedom to just be you.




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