As I sat in my morning meditation I clearly heard ‘Somebody needs you to listen to her today’.

How often do we really listen to someone else?  Often we are so busy thinking about what we want to say in response that we don’t really listen to what someone is saying to us.

We hear the sounds and we see a mouth moving, but some of the words may be not be truly heard because we’re not really listening.

We often don’t listen well or from an open hearted non judgement space.

Listening creates safety for the other person to share.  Maybe things they’ve never shared before.  Sharing takes bravery after all and sometimes we’ll hear not through the words but through a deeper meaning underneath.

Be present.

Give them time.

Say nothing.

Hold loving space for them.

Hear them.

And then do that for yourself.  How often aren’t we listening to ourselves, our higher selves?  How often do we keep ourselves so busy, so distracted, so that we don’t have to listen to our inner selves?

How often do we give ourselves the gift of silence to listen.

On retreat last week I sat in silence for hours.  It’s confronting to start with.  There’s nothing but me.

As I became accustomed to it, quite quickly, it gave me space and time to listen to myself.  It gave me permission to listen within.

It’s amazing what you hear when you really intend to listen.

Give someone the gift of truly listening to them.

And be present to hearing what your soul whispers to you.

© Wendy Tullis 2018
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