At one time, many generations ago, it may have held your great great great great grandmother in good stead to be docile and hold her tongue in the face of a dominant male figure, it might have served to keep her and her children alive even.

Your great great great grandmother watched her mum’s docility and turned her anger about that into speaking her mind regardless.

Your great great grandmother inherited her mum’s bluntness and became a cruel mother to her own children.

Your great grandmother believed that she would never amount to much.

Your grandmother inherited her inability to express her emotions from her great great grandmother.  What patterns have come down the family line and show up in your mother’s behaviours or traits?  And what’s showing up for you?  What will show up for your children?

There are so many patterns that we see in the family bloodline, repeating generation after generation.


Money/scarcity fears

Lack of affection

Not being heard or respected

Dysfunctional relationships

Emotional abuse

Lack of connection

This is the stuff that we unknowingly inherit from our ancestors

The belief systems of our ancestors often have absolutely no relevance or purpose for us. But our DNA doesn’t know that.

Our DNA holds the beliefs, patterns and behaviours of our ancestors.

The imprints from your ancestors could be choosing your life partner, choosing how much money you believe you can earn, choosing whether you can achieve more in your life than your mother ever did, choosing how you respond to authority figures, choosing how much you respect yourself, choosing whether you see the world around you as safe or scary…

The unhealed wounds of our ancestors are playing out for us every day, and we have no idea.

Until we shed the light of conscious awareness on these ancestral wounds they will continue to rule

What are the patterns that you see passing from generation to generation in your family?

Once we begin to bring awareness to these patterns we can take the first step towards clearing these imprinted behaviours, traits, patterns and beliefs.

When you heal these patterns you’re healing your entire family line. How come? Because everything is connected and what we do for one we do for all.

When we go into each generation in a healing session we clear each of your female ancestors’ unhealed wounds. This is the greatest gift you can give.

Are you ready to be the one person in your family who will be the catalyst for change?

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