Our connection with our mother is the deepest we’ll ever need. But not all of us have that.

The person who brought us into the world and is charged with caring and nurturing us somehow fails to do that.

Perhaps through her own lack of mothering. Perhaps she chose to leave you. Perhaps she was emotionally dysfunctional or detached. Perhaps she was a narcissist and incapable of loving anyone else.

The impact of feeling un-mothered can show up in many different ways:

  • People pleasing, being a ‘yes’ person, to your own detriment
  • Believing that your mom’s wants and needs are more important than your own
  • Having a purely superficial relationship with your mom
  • Seeking external validation or often feeling the need to ‘prove’ yourself
  • Believing that whatever you do for your mom, it will never be enough
  • Feeling unheard, unseen, unacceptable, unacknowledged
  • Believing that there’s something wrong with you
  • Feeling guilty for wanting ‘more’, but you don’t know what the ‘more’ is.
  • Never letting your mom get to know you so that she can’t use that against you
  • Depression, eating disorders, addictions
  • Unsure and vulnerable about your own parenting skills
  • Attracting difficult relationships with repeating patterns
  • Some sort of empty hole that’s inside you with no words to describe how that feels

These feelings can be present whether your mother is in your life or not. They can be present even if your mother doesn’t realise she’s wounded you.

The good news is that it’s possible to heal the way that you feel.

Whether you want to be closer to your mother or whether you want to be further apart from her, or even if you just want to be emotionally neutral about her and the relationship; when you free yourself from what’s been keeping you stuck all these years you begin to change the way you feel about yourself.

And when you change the way you feel about yourself you begin to make informed and empowered decisions and choices about what YOU want for YOU in this relationship.

As a kinesiologist I see everything through the eyes of energy.

Every experience that you’ve had is held within your energy field.

Kinesiology allows us to identify and clear the energetic imprint of your experiences so that the baggage you’ve been carrying for so long can finally be released.

The things that used to really hurt you, the things that angered you, the things that used to really get under your skin, the things that triggered you, the things that saddened you will all melt away. You’ll feel free.

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© Wendy Tullis 2018
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